Understanding Your Cremation Options

When it comes to cremation, there are a number of different service types available to you. You can choose any of the following cremation service types:

  • Direct Cremation Services

    • No Services, Immediately to Crematorium. This usually is the least expensive option available through a funeral establishment.
  • Cremation with Visitation & Church/Chapel Services

    • Are you looking to have what was known as a Traditional Funeral Service but instead of ground burial, you would like to have a cremation instead? This option is perfect for that type of service. We will have a visitation period with a Church or Chapel service take place. Instead of a procession to grave site we will take the body to the crematorium after the church/chapel service.​

  • Cremation with Memorial Service or Celebration of life service

    • A very common choice is to have the cremation take place before a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life Service is scheduled. Some times the Memorial Service may take place at a later time in order to get family and friends together that may be coming from distance.

We would love to help you with any of your cremation wishes that you may have. Contact a funeral director today, and let us know what your choice would be for your Cremation Options.